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How can AI chatbots support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic?

With home working and social distancing in full force, many businesses are struggling to provide an adequate level of support to their customers.

illustration of a chatbot capability


What are artificially intelligent chatbots?

AI chatbots might provide a solution to some of the problems that you’re facing. If you haven’t encountered one before, they offer a simple text correspondence, similar to a live chat or WhatsApp conversation. However, instead of using a person to answer questions, they use an artificially intelligent system to mimic human interactions, using natural language recognition to interpret a user’s intent and respond appropriately. In most cases, it is quick, cheap, and easy to introduce to your existing website.



illustration of chatbot logic

How can artificially intelligent chatbots help?

Here are just a few ways in which AI chatbots could support your business:



They can:

  • Quickly and easily answer questions about all of your products and services. 
  • Provide a level of instant support, remedying common, easy-to-resolve issues quickly and easily with little, to no, human intervention.
  • Engage potential customers with an advanced level of consultation using a series of questions, and some fancy logic, to deliver an appropriate outcome.
  • Generate enquiries, qualifying and capturing user data for follow-up by a member of your team at a later date.
  • Integrate alongside your existing sales and support platforms, providing a useful extra tool for resolving any basic questions or help desk enquiries.
  • Work in almost any language.
  • …and the best thing of all, they’re relatively quick to set up, cheap to run, and available 24/7 all year round. 


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