WMP Film

A 35-year-long passion for storytelling, through extraordinary film quality.

Since the inception of WMP, our film department has gone to the ends of the Earth to tell our clients’ stories and deliver messages with incredible impact.

Turning our lenses to the most diverse of projects, our film crews have been found in the desert, down mine shafts, in factories and corporate offices, and up in the sky.

From live action to complex animation and 4K stereoscopic CG visualisations, our experienced Directors and Editors amplify the power of any story, combining beautifully shot moving images with expertly selected audio tracks.

With Coronavirus having an increasing impact across events and trade shows in 2020, our team is working ever more closely with our events and exhibitions departments, to deliver various digital solutions, which deliver messages to a global audience, without the need for travel and mass in-person attendance. We are partnered with one of the world’s biggest communications providers, and can offer exceptionally produced, reliable webcasts, with a rapid turnaround time.

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