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WMP Creative has offered product design since 2010. It’s one of our five core services. In fact, many of our projects now start with Product Design. Some of our favourite projects go on to use our full-service capability.

Few creative agencies are able to deliver such a holistic approach. But what it means is we can achieve an extraordinary level of consistency. We are able to support companies all the way through the design process. From initial product insight, we can address every physical, digital and brand touchpoint.

But how do we do it? And why do we love it? Take a look underneath the hood in the latest episode of The Design Podcast.

As a guest on the episode, I was able to talk through a diverse range of topics from my personal journey to WMP’s success story as well as an in-depth look at product design programs. We discussed the studio’s culture and approach to developing client relationships.
We also answered some of the big questions for consultants “how do we price our work?” and “can we diversify our revenue streams?”

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Guest: Hugo Martin 

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