Internal Communications

Engaging creative that aligns with your company culture and identity.


WMP offers solutions for internal communications and employee engagement specialists.


WMP Creative works hand-in-hand with Internal Communications and Employee Engagement leaders. We provide beautiful, inspirational, culture-centric communications.

We appreciate that your internal communications strategy will be firmly aligned to your unique company values and objectives.

Our job as a creative partner is to understand your culture, EVP and needs, and to allow you to communicate your messages with fully aligned, well designed content and campaigns.

We take the time to get to know you, your current channels, your tone of voice and your design requirements. We listen to you, and suggest options for meeting your targets. 

From singular document redesigns, to fully scoped internal communications platforms, we’ve got the ability and knowledge to elevate your employee engagement, while retaining your brand’s style and voice.


Whether enforced due to COVID-19 or through separate agreement, having a team working from home presents an added internal communications challenge. 

For many of us, working from home has many benefits. Flexibility, our own comfortable homes and a zero-hour commute. It can also offer employers a wider choice of talent. The down side is that being in our own environments can create a cultural disconnect.

The right mix of communications can allow employees to maintain the feeling of being truly embedded and immersed in your company. This in turn builds positive sentiment and loyalty.

Designed to inform, engage, encourage, and guide behaviour, a balanced, well-connected source of information is even more essential while working from home.

A harmonised look, feel and tone can securely underpin business-critical and social communications.

We take a strategic approach to our work.

Through collaborative briefing workshops and consultancy sessions with our Studio team, we’ll learn about your culture, EVP and communications needs. If these aren’t yet defined, we can work together to do this.

Back in our studio (or currently our home offices), we’ll ideate and brainstorm, until we’ve created what we believe to be the best solutions. This process is entirely bespoke to the discussions we’ve had with you. 

For maximum effectiveness we take an agile approach to the services we propose to you, focusing on outcomes not outputs. Our aim is to solve your individual problems by way of creative-in-context, rather than forcing square pegs into round holes.

Whatever the goal, results are measured by positive response: Your internal audience’s reaction to the creative communication and their subsequent behavioural changes.

We monitor, measure, learn, tweak and improve for embedded, long term cultural connectivity.


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