Your quick guide to moving on from Magento v1…

…and how to select your next platform




The purpose of this page is to help Magento v1 store owners understand the current situation and decide upon their best way forward. For a more in-depth look at your options, feel free to drop me a line and we can help find the right solution.


Greg Silvester    Head of Digital

What’s the situation with Magento version 1?

From the 30th June 2020, online store managers running Magento v1 will no longer receive support from their platform provider.

How will that affect my site?

In simple terms your site will no longer be protected against any future vulnerabilities, and your level of PCI compliance will be significantly reduced.

It is highly recommended that owners of Magento v1 stores move their site to a new ecommerce platform.

How do I select the right platform for my needs?

Before selecting a platform you need to identify your own specific requirements.

You may have a bespoke ERP integration or a legacy CRM system. Your product may require an array of complex filters that make it easy for users to find a specific product. Your order fulfilment process may incorporate various packaging considerations and shipping limitations.

Make a full list of the tools, functionality, and system integrations, then describe your whole operation to form a written ‘specification’ of your site. Complete this step before you do anything else.


Your system specification will form the basis for approaching a potential supplier.

An ecommerce specialist will be able to review your requirement and identify the most suitable platform for your needs.

They will also recommend alternative solutions that might increase efficiency or save you money.
Remember that a good ecommerce partner will tell you the negatives, as well as the positives, of any solution they recommend.

What else should I consider?

What other questions you should think about?

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    Magento v1 - Quick Guide

    A quick guide to moving on from Magento v1