Richmond Events

Hello and welcome!

As this year’s Richmond events draw near, I’m excited and I eagerly look forward to meeting with leading industry professionals like you. If you’re new to the event, Richmond events are a unique platform where professionals facing challenges and opportunities in their roles can connect directly with suppliers offering tailored solutions. 

It’s not just about suppliers and networking—it’s about relationships and starting something new.

Whether this is your first time at the Grove or you’re a seasoned Richmond participant, I know how I feel ahead of each year’s event. So, thought I would share a few tips I’ve learned along the way to help you get the most out of the event. 

My top 10 tips for a fruitful experience

  • Arrive well-rested – The event is pretty tiring!
  • Know why you are attending, and be truthful with this as it shapes and directs the conversations you will have.
  • Come Prepared: If you have a specific problem or project brief, have it in mind or bring it along. It’s the best way to utilise meeting times.
  • Seminars: Don’t miss out! They’re filled with insightful content.
  • Network: Everyone knows the gig, so be confident and introduce yourself to others.
  • Be Transparent: Let’s be clear on intentions. Whether you’re exploring or just gathering information, communication is key.
  • Don’t forget your business cards. Yes, it’s 2023, but they still help in remembering who you talked to!
  • Make use of the facilities! It’s a 5* hotel with impressive surroundings.
  • Drink a lot of water and stay fresh.
  • Keep in touch with those that you meet and give a preference of how you would like any follow-up engagement to take place.

Hopefully, this will help put your mind at ease. It’s fast-paced but can also be very enjoyable and rewarding. If you’d like to know more about me, WMP’s history at the event, and see some of the relationships that started as a result of the event, read on… else I wish you all the best in your preparation and hope that our paths cross at the event where I can introduce myself to you in person.


A little about me

Hi. I’m Dale Harper, and I will be representing WMP Creative at the forum.

I attend the event because I believe in people and know just how important it is to put a bit of personality into the mix if a relationship is going to go anywhere. My role is to discover alignment between your needs and our creative team’s service capabilities.

While the event is about making supplier connections, I want to put your mind at ease. Some professionals fear the ‘hard sell’. Rest assured, that’s not me. I’m here to listen and understand your requirements, and if we can align our services to them, either now or in the future, that’s fantastic. If not, perhaps another time.

People buy from people. I’m at the event to put my best foot forward and create credibility in WMP as a creative provider.


Dale Harper-Head of Business Development
Office: +44 (0)1865 390258
Mobile: +44 (0)7798 606676

Richmond events – A testimony to success

WMP’s presence at the event dates back to 2013, when the event was held on a cruise ship. Over the years, our attendance has fostered many fruitful relationships. We have found long-standing clients through meeting at the events and have been the chosen creative partner time and time again. These wins have been a great success for WMP as a creative agency and have exceeded our client’s expectations in delivering Creative Excellence.

November’s events will be my 3rd and 4th events. Some of my favourite Richmond wins (that we can talk about!) are the client relationships we hold with Bupa and Leonardo, to name a few. All started with a simple meeting request; each has resulted in a long-term, lasting partnership, a testimony to the event’s success:

Why Richmond events stand out

It’s an effective (and enjoyable) way of delivering business development. Imagine bypassing the gruelling months of internet searches and sifting through agencies’ marketing fluff. You’re smarter than that. Here, you get to meet directly with someone from the delivery team, gauge the fit immediately, and determine if this partnership holds potential. It’s efficient, personal, and authentic. And believe me – it delivers real success.

The format of the event is perfect. It balances peer learning, networking, and direct interactions with service providers. The event is about experts in a field coming together to decide what to do next. “Iron sharpens iron”, and some great knowledge holders are at the event.

Here’s to hoping that we can explore real potential collaborations together! Whether we can meet at the event or not – I wish you all the best.

If I can help in any way, either ahead of the event or in the future, please get in touch.