Richmond Events

Hello again, and thank you!

Having shared my insights on getting the best out of Richmond Events, I can now share the highlights and key learnings from this year’s Marketing Forum (8th/9th November) and Communication Directors’ Forum (9th/10th November). Attending both forums gave me a unique perspective – it allowed me to see common trends across industries and gave me a valuable insight into what’s in demand and what most people are talking about. 

Here are my key observations:


Marketing & Brand

  • Content Marketing and Storytelling: The event highlighted the importance of content marketing, focusing on creating engaging, educational, and high-quality content that shapes brand identity. Brands increasingly embrace storytelling as a core strategy and want to do so more.
  • AI Impact: Attendees expressed both fear and excitement about the impact of AI on teams, work, and industries.
  • Online/Offline Integration: Discussions centred on connecting online and offline customer experiences.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: The full customer journey was explored, from brand discovery to brand advocacy and what can be done to measure and enhance the experience.
  • Customer-Centric Marketing: A central theme was prioritising the customer in marketing, focusing on personalisation and data-driven insights.
  • Authenticity: A resurgence of authenticity as a brand, employer, and culture was evident.
  • Brand Purpose and Values: Building brands with clear, purpose-driven values aligned with consumer beliefs gained prominence.
  • Brand Impact: Brand directors emphasised substantial growth while maintaining brand integrity.
  • Agility and Adaptability: Adapting to the evolving business landscape and changing consumer behaviour was a key focus.

Internal & External Communications 

  • Change Management: Internal communicators are crucial in helping employees adapt to rapid organisational changes, facilitating two-way communication and strategic discussions.
  • Engaging a Remote Workforce: Post-COVID, engaging remote workers remains a challenge, and IC professionals are seeking innovative solutions.
  • Leadership Communication: Effective leadership communication is vital, and internal communicators are instrumental in crafting and amplifying inspiring messages while supporting the future of the leadership’s vision.
  • ROI in IC: Organisations invest in IC but seek measurable ROI.
  • Content Marketing and Storytelling: Storytelling remains key for internal and external communicators, emphasising aligning all communications around a core narrative tailored to different audiences.
  • Employee Engagement and Feedback: Maintaining engagement and measuring success are top priorities. Insights on tools and long-term success tracking are in demand.
  • Simplifying IC: Simplifying internal and external communication amid daily noise is a challenge many face.
  • Crisis Preparedness: Organisations increasingly focus on crisis preparedness and communication processes for unexpected events.
  • Brand Reputation Management: Safeguarding and enhancing brand reputation is a priority for external communicators despite resource constraints and the proliferation of channels.


In conclusion 

Both groups shared similar needs, with some commonalities and unique differences. They were united by a strong commitment to excel in fulfilling their responsibilities. I was genuinely impressed by the dedication of those in the communications field. Engaging in in-depth conversations, especially regarding career experiences, renewed my admiration and respect for those leading in their roles.


So, what’s the point after all is said and done? 

I’m confident that all who attended will have come away a better version of themselves going forward. For those who had the chance to meet with me, you likely observed my commitment to preparedness (aka to my ‘Top Trumps’ cards). I had to listen hard and do my homework to have something meaningful to contribute. I also do all I can to tip chance in my favour and make sure that when ‘opportunity’ comes knocking, I put myself front line and centre — hence, enabling my one, last and final request: 

Having a seat at the table…

As a supplier, I hosted over 50 one-on-one meetings, roundtable discussions, and dinner meetings. Moving forward, my one request is for a place at your table or, rather, for our team to have that privilege. I would love to introduce you to the talented individuals behind our work and get them to continue the conversations we started. 

My goal at the event was to identify well-aligned opportunities where our team can contribute meaningfully. If you, as an attendee or reader, have current or future needs, I hope I’ve effectively represented my team, and we will be invited to respond to the challenges discussed.

So, please talk to us and let us meet with you — whether before a briefing, ahead of your procurement process, or directly. We will engage and respond specifically to your needs, ensuring our ‘meeting’ is of value to you. 

To those who attended the event, thank you! It was great meeting with you, and I will do my best to come back to you and follow up as soon as possible. 

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s event or would like to know more about what it’s all about – drop me a line, and I’ll fill you in, as I’m the event’s biggest advocate. 
Until next time! 

A little about me

Hi. I’m Dale Harper.

I attend these forums because I believe in people and know just how important it is to put a bit of personality into the mix if a relationship is going to go anywhere. My role is to discover alignment between your needs and our creative team’s service capabilities.

I’m here to listen and understand your requirements, and if we can align our services to them, either now or in the future, that’s fantastic. If not, perhaps another time.