Film and Animation

Keeping brands connected, in challenging times.

WMP is here to support the delivery of your message.

Gaining cut-through in times of great challenges and increased noise is essential. Film and animation have the power to do this, delivering messages with the correct tone, visual style, and emotion.

Over the past 35 years, WMP Creative has delivered hundreds of messages, to millions of people. Corporate films, messages of hope, brand messages, social content and advertising. Now, we are being tasked with doing what we do best, while overcoming the necessary constraints of social distancing.

Productions for internal and external audiences, which lift spirits, engage or educate people, can be achieved by our talented team, either remotely, or using user-generated content.


On-brand and polished.

If there has ever been a perfect time for animation, it’s now. Unaffected by the challenges of social distancing and lock down, our animators are able to quickly script and produce informative and high quality animations, which get the message across. This output is ideal for internal communications, as well as for branded social media and website content.


Socially distant filming

Overcoming the proximity challenge.

Let’s be clear; on-location filming is still possible during lock down. Following guidelines and using the correct PPE, we can still get film crews to you. However, the reality is that the majority of work is being created remotely at the moment. Using clever scripting, voice overs and editing, we are able to re-purpose existing footage, to deliver new messages.


User-generated content

Real-life meets quality output.

It goes against our nature to work with content which isn’t technically perfect, however given the circumstances, user-generated content, whether submitted from your team’s mobiles or webcams, is a great way of connecting with your audience. Built into stock or company footage, we can create a polished output, which communicates clearly and honestly.


What do you need to communicate?

Your message, elevated with our experience.

From conceptualising and planning, to final delivery, we can support you with film and animation services, now and in more stable times.


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