Virtual Solutions

Never before have virtual events and communications solutions been so needed.


WMP can make it happen, using our film and events experience.


When possible, face-to-face events have unquestionable value and benefits. However, taking events into the virtual space also brings a different set of advantages. Greener, time-saving, and lower cost.

Your online event can feature professional keynote speakers, high-quality content, advertising and sponsorship activations, and engage your audience at every touchpoint.

Geographical barriers are lifted, and we can delve deeper into the metrics and reporting of each participant’s behaviour by tracking their every move during the event. WMP are platform agnostic and will tailor the approach to meet your needs.

Our Approach

We’ve brought the broadcast and streaming expertise of our Film team together with the production and logistics experience of our Events team, to create powerful virtual communications solutions for your audiences. 

We are platform agnostic, having worked with multiple virtual platform providers over the years. While we can make recommendations, we can also flex to your requirements. This means that your event can be totally tailored for the most appropriate solution.

Our most popular solutions and full presentation are below. We have included costs for typical virtual communications solutions, but please get in touch to discuss your objectives, and we can provide a bespoke quotation.

We can run your Webinars

We facilitate webinars, giving speakers the facility to deliver presentations to audiences online, live. Slides can be shared, and participation is interactive through chat boxes and Q&A features.

These live online events enable audiences to ask the speaker questions, participate in polls, or interact with other attendees. And you can watch the webinar on-demand at a later date.


Deliver your Webcasts

When a small physical meeting or event is possible, we can use Webcasts to substantially extend reach by setting up audio and video feeds, broadcasted to much larger audiences. So no one ever has to miss your meeting or event again.

Participants follow your webcast live via their PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Not only can they see and hear the speakers, but we can facilitate direct interaction.


And plan full Virtual Events

We can run virtual events as larger, multi-session online experiences, featuring both webinars and webcasts as well as whole host of creative content to deliver your messages.

We recreate the excitement and direct communication of a physical event as closely as possible, online. These highly interactive and engaging virtual events are a highly efficient way to communicate.

Especially at a time when physical events are challenging to run, virtual events are suitable for any event that features multiple presentations, discussion rooms or brand experiences to educate, inspire and inform.


Post COVID-19, we can produce Hybrid Events

Physically separated audiences can each participate in the same event through different experiential media, designed to provide comparable experiences and outcomes from their interaction.

We manage production and filming on site at your live event and stream the content into the virtual environment.

Hybrid events work well for product launches, large conferences and presentation-based events.


Whatever your communications objectives, WMP Creative can provide a tailored, virtual solution.