ABF The Soldiers' Charity

We created a range of bespoke challenge event options to match ABF’s objectives, brand and current assets.

Rifle Run was chosen – consisting of a 10k run with shooting stations along the route. For each missed target participants would have to run a penalty loop meaning that 10k run could increase to a max of 15k!

If that wasn’t tough enough, when the date came in Spring 2018, the weather was against us, with harsh wintery conditions and rock hard terrains to deal with. Participants, including Made In Chelsea star Ryan Libbey, had to battle their way through ice and snow, but it all added to the sense of achievement at the end… And we ensured plenty of hot drinks and warm wishes were waiting at the finish line.

The results were better than the charity had hoped for, with 100 participants taking part and the event breaking even in the Year 1 pilot.