With a fresh approach to pharmaceuticals, ALTURiX needed fresh branding. They wanted to stand out from the crowd, be bold and show courage with an identity that pushed the boundaries.

We started work on their brand strategy by assessing their brand archetype. We established that they combined two typically polar archetypes – ‘the caregiver’, usually reserved for the healthcare industry, and ‘the rebel’. In the case of ALTURiX, they were clearly rebelling for good – bringing high quality pharmaceuticals to the NHS at fair and appropriate prices. The Robin Hood of pharma!

We developed a visual identity that brought the two brand archetypes together, creating a logo mark that also reflected the effervescence of their tablets. With a logo, colour palette and typography in place, we were able to roll out this identity across all print and digital materials including a new website, office branding, exhibition, and marketing materials.

“The team at WMP quickly understood the essence of our proposition, and then helped to bring it to life very effectively. They have since helped us to ensure that the approach is consistently applied across all touchpoints with our customers, and our patients.” Simon Clough, Founder & Director, ALTURiX