Our collaborative projects with Arizona-based mattress brand, Amerisleep are a perfect example of integrated strategy.

Starting with one Product Design project, we have worked with Amerisleep over multiple years to craft a new brand identity, deliver extraordinary animations, TV and radio commercials, interactive digital content, a beautiful retail experience and plenty more. Our integrated thinking has meant that each piece of creative work produced delivers to a level that exceeds expectation and ROI.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our life, and Amerisleep is all about redefining a great night’s sleep.

Film has been an important aspect of our work with Amerisleep. The animations run on the in-store video walls as well as on social media, providing a unique insight into the special features designed into the mattress and pillow ranges. Animation has enabled customers to explore macro details of the products that the eye cannot see, while explaining the product benefits. 

The TVC campaign shows that a great night’s sleep on Amerisleep mattresses enables customers to meet their daytime challenges, supporting the campaign theme concept and tagline – Better Sleep for a Better Tomorrow.


Amerisleep wanted to create a genuinely immersive in-store experience, so WMP were tasked with using the latest technology and innovation to support this endeavour.

Fully representative of the Amerisleep identity, the store design provides a uniquely high-end customer experience, allowing customers to explore the range in person, and test the mattresses privately in a relaxed atmosphere, created in the ‘Dream Suites’.

Interactive displays give customers the opportunity to gain more detailed information about the technology in the product, in their own time.

The honeycomb features built into the product are expressed in ceiling mounted displays and seating areas, overall providing an experience where product design and presentation design come together to provide an optimum brand/product experience.

The Amerisleep brand identity underpins everything that defines this company as a leader in the sleep market.

When asked to redesign the Amerisleep identity, we set about to create something fresh, with a confident and global look, whilst being visually strong and versatile. Together with Amerisleep, we settled on a logotype using a circular form in the ‘a’, referring to an unbroken sleep cycle, using a deep blue colour to represent the depth of a clear night’s sky.

The identity design has been rolled out consistently throughout all corporate materials, store design, packaging and all expressions of this strong brand.

Our Product Design team excels in the creation and application of a consistent brand DNA to create harmony across product ranges.

Amerisleep has spent years developing and perfecting a comprehensive product range, using a unique combination of foam and technology. With five mattresses in the range, there is a product to suit every type of sleeper. We were tasked with bringing the mattresses and pillow into line with the new Amerisleep identity. 

Along with the subtle introduction of the logo, found on the zips and labels, we also collaborated with the Amerisleep team to find the best solution for the covers, using varying ratios of blue to white, to represent firmness levels. Finally, a new, simplified naming convention was applied to the mattress range.