With a growing customer base outside the traditional corporate market, label company Avery were ready for a new approach and a fresh look to appeal to small business owners.

Our strategy was to refresh the Avery brand and position it as the perfect partner in business with quality products to match the biggest ambitions.

Providing stickers and labels largely for office use, Avery’s branding has historically been corporate. So we created a softer, more approachable identity and developed a new tone of voice that would resonate specifically with small business owners. We introduced a pastel colour palette and friendly typography, as well as lifestyle photography that would bring people to the forefront.

As Avery frequently run different campaigns, we created a set of guidelines to show how the different brand identities should be used across digital and printed materials.

With a promise to ‘Power-Up’ small businesses, we created a campaign that pulled into focus the benefits of using Avery products to elevate brands, improve product presentation and allow easy personalisation.

As well as social content and digital advertising, our campaign incorporated a ‘Friends of Avery’ influencer referral programme, giving Avery the opportunity to demonstrate their know-how and supportiveness within the small business community.

We further evolved the Power-Up campaign to not only target small businesses, but also home planners and hobbyists. With a focus on language and messaging, we helped make Avery more accessible to a wider audience.

Avery wanted to increase their social media engagement, using a seasonal campaign and activation ideas to entice more customers to consider Avery over the festive period.

Avery were looking to engage both small business customers as well as home users to consider their stickers, labels and cards over the festive period. Through high-end product photography, and curated campaign visuals, we helped show that Avery can provide the personal details to add that important finishing touch to any gift or product.

Avery wanted to engage with their customers by offering rewards for loyalty

In a campaign that spans print, digital and social, we created messaging that unlocks a relatable feeling; a flicker of warmth, a spark of happiness, a little moment of joy that is insignificant, and yet so significant. It could be finding spare change in your pocket or opening the curtains to a beautiful sunny day.

We helped evolve the campaign over the years with updated slogans, and the incorporation of the Power-Up messaging to create consistency across Avery’s offerings.

With a range of eco labelling solutions available, Avery wanted to highlight their green values while engaging with their customers

This campaign was built to span a month, with posts and engagement across multiple platforms; such as tips and tricks, information on how to be more green and how Avery and their products are an eco-friendly choice.

With a focus on building awareness of the Avery Kids’ Name Labels range, we created the “Make It Theirs” campaign.

The use of bright, engaging imagery and fun illustrative ribbons to tie the images together made sure that Avery stood out from the crowd and sales of the Kids Name Labels increased.

Rolled out across the Avery website and Amazon store, the campaign aimed to grab the attention of prospective customers who were either using competitor products or not labelling their kids’ items at all. We created colourful, engaging banners and imagery for use across Avery’s social media channels to make sure the labels stood out. With mock-ups of how their Instagram page could look, they were able to plan and prioritise their posts to ensure they were targeting their audience at the optimum time – during the “Back to School” period in particular.