Bolin Webb

The X1 razor handle was inspired by automotive design cues and has a cast metal chassis with a tactile rubber underside grip and a customisable panel inset into its top surface.

Every touchpoint of the user experience was considered to achieve the desired goals of being premium and highly aspirational. We carried out a thorough programme of prototyping and testing to help identify an optimum weight along with refining comfort and balance in the hand.

The X1 handle is the centrepiece of an ever-growing Bolin Webb eco-system and WMP has also designed a number of accessories including a pebble shaped stand with high power neodymium magnets concealed beneath its cast metal top and silicone protective travel case. WMP was also responsible for sourcing the manufacturer in China and for the shipping of all 3 products. The X1 razor received an IF Design Award in 2014.