Bolin Webb - Wash Bag

Leathers and fabrics have constrained washbag designs to basic forms, achievable through stitching flat sheets together.

Washbags have always been made using traditional materials and manufacturing techniques. Although the materials can be made waterproof, they can also be absorbent and hard to clean.

Following the success of the Razor travel case accessory, the WMP team identified silicone moulding as a great way to differentiate the washbag and deliver innovative features that stand out from the crowd.

The contemporary structured exterior is crafted from silicone and ensures your toiletries are kept safe and secure. Silicone has a beautifully tactile feel and is extremely robust. It does not absorb water and can therefore easily be wiped clean making it truly hygienic. These properties make it highly appropriate material for the washroom environment.

A new addition to the family.

Naturally, the bag adopted the automotive inspired crisp lines and flowing curves found in the BW design language.

The large bottom face of the bag gave an opportunity to explore a beautiful, organic texture pattern. The aim was to create an extremely eye-catching texture that morphed seamlessly into the smooth rounded sides of the bag. The texture enhances the tactility of the bag, giving it a premium & playful feel.

The nautically inspired grab cord offers a great opportunity for the signature Bolin Webb red accent colour and gives the bag an adventurous and active aesthetic.

Everyone has a unique grooming routine and collection of products to match.

Careful consideration was given to the useability of the wash bag. No more digging around to find what you need. The wash bag opens out fully so that all the contents are visible and easily accessible.

As the contents of no two wash bags are the same, the team wanted to provide the right level of organisation, without overly constraining how the bag can be used. The inside consists of a large 1.8l cavity and a divider pocket. This gives the user flexibility to use the wash bag as a single cavity or use the pocket as an internal divider to separate items such as your toothpaste or electric shaver into a second cavity.

The divider comprises a pocket on one side and a zip pocket on the other. This provides ideal separation for your toothbrush and enables the user to store small items such as medication or contact lenses. The divider can even be removed for use on short overnight trips or for cleaning.

The construction of the bag was carefully designed to avoid seams and sharp edges where dirt would usually collect. The bag also features waterproof zippers, so you’ll never have to worry about unfortunate spills ruining the contents of your suitcase.

Refining the design until we achieved the right blend of simplicity and sophistication.

The final washbag design is the result of an extremely rigorous design process. During the development, we explored many different conceptual directions and prototyped many iterations of the bag.

One area that drew particular focus was the dynamic texture we developed to bring intrigue to the underside of the wash bag. Unlike traditional CAD modelling we used a technique called parametric design. This is where features are created using algorithmic process, where parameters and rules determine the relationship between design intent and design response. Once we had created each texture definition, we were able to rapidly iterate to find the optimum result.

The Bolin Webb washbag is the ideal travel companion for your next weekend away. To find out more please visit:

Bolin Webb – Wash Bag


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