Carbon Fibre Mountain Bike - Design Language

WMP partnered with a Leading British bike brand.

WMP was tasked with conceptualising and developing a new carbon frame, suspension link, shock extender and seat stay. Our mission included integrating an easily accessible frame storage solution, 29-inch wheels and a down tube protector. Other key areas of consideration were cable management and weatherproofing. Finally, a complex 3D model was produced so that the final design could be tested through its full range of motion and efficiently adjusted to create 5 different sizes. XS, S, M, L & XL. 

Our output was a design language for carbon frame geometry that has now been effectively implemented by the brand’s internal engineering team in the form of a lightweight E-Bike.

Our aim was to craft a contemporary aesthetic for the new line of carbon trail bikes, serving as a foundation for a cohesive design language across various categories going forward.

Unlike traditional aluminium frames, carbon fiber can be formed into complex shapes. This offered the team greater creative latitude when considering the geometry.

The frame features a crisp automotive inspired edge, which runs around the sides of the front triangle creating a strong visual separation between the inner chamfer and outer surfaces. The geometry flows smoothly between different sections of the frame and fixed components are unified with monolithic surfacing. The bottom edge of the suspension link morphs into and extends down the side of the seat stay, visually connecting the two components and mirroring the design language found in the front triangle.

The result: a very complex set of transitions which are strikingly pure and easy to clean.

Design that can withstand the harsh conditions of a British winter.

The cable grommets not only prevent unwanted water ingress into the bike frame but can also be swapped out with blanks featuring the company logo if the end user opts for an integrated headset. The nature of carbon manufacturing means that the wall thickness of the frame will vary, especially around the top tube. The cable grommets have been designed with natural flex to take up this tolerance and they follow the shape of the internal chamfer to appear visually harmonious.

The seat post gasket prevents ingress where the seat post enters the frame. The integrated design looks like an extension of the seat post triangle and fits snugly over the seat post clamp. The Flexible material means it can be easily removed for seat adjustments on the go.

The downtube protector shields your precious carbon from impacts and stones kicked-up at the bike and utilises a subtle chamfer running around the edge to help blend with the frame.

Carbon Fibre Mountain Bike – Design Language

All to help you go faster, further, more enjoyably and in total confidence ride after ride.

The integrated frame storage lets you stash items such as your tools, spare tube, keys, and snacks right in the downtube of the bike. The storage can be quickly accesses by turning the thumbscrew and removing the lid. The lid features a waterproof gasket around the circumference keeping your kit dry and mud free. The design of the gasket was a complex task. Due to the constraints of carbon manufacturing the gasket had to seal reliably to an opening with a large tolerance. The gasket had to be super low profile to maximise the storage space and had to be easy to install and remove from the frame.

It was important to keep the cost of additional parts down to a minimum. WMP were able to use their expertise to design the cable grommets, seat post gasket, downtube protector, and frame storage compartment to fit universally across all 5 frame sizes.

The perfect companion for your next adventure.

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