From research through to design for manufacture, we created a category-defining new product for US brand Casella.


Casella has provided smart and easy to use solutions for monitoring noise dust and vibration since 1799. They approached WMP Creative to design a category-defining product, opening up a whole new market for the brand.


With a brief to design a High Flow Pump to measure asbestos levels in the air, our product design team set to work designing a product that could work in hostile environments and be exposed to rough treatment. The new pump design had to be suitably robust and meet drop test requirements, as well as being easy to decontaminate and waterproof to IP65.

We conducted an on-site visit with users to understand the process and identify the main pain points of existing pumps. We found major pain points related to charging transport forgetting equipment decontamination and carrying the units to location on site.


We were able to synthesise our findings in the form of a detailed user journey. This user journey enabled us to hone in on particular pain points and highlight areas of opportunity to improve.

We used our research as a basis to develop several sketch concepts, which were narrowed down to two routes. Both options were modelled in 3D to output semi-functional 3D prints and CGI imagery. Once the design had been selected we went through several rounds of prototyping and user feedback iterations to refine the final design.

The unique patent pending design is compact self-contained and makes it easy to carry multiple units to a site. The product uses internal gaskets and a one way exhaust valve to ensure that it meats IP65 standard meaning that it can be washed after use for quick and easy decontamination.


The unit features a thick moulded casing made from a high flow ABS. Care was taken to ensure that any delicate areas were recessed so that they could not easily be damaged. The handle also provides protection to components such as the mast and interaction zone if the unit is dropped.


Multiple units can be stacked together so the operator can carry all the pumps they need in one go saving valuable time on site.


The interaction panel located on the top of the unit makes it easy to control the pump with several colour coded LED’s to indicate its status from a distance. The interaction panels have been over moulded to prevent water ingress and have been recessed for protection.


The product features a telescopic mast that can be extended to take samples at up to 2M. The moulded handle provides an obvious interaction point with the product and makes it easy to manoeuvre the product even while extended.


The telescopic mast and integrated tube filter can easily be stored away when not in use. This greatly minimises the number of pieces of equipment the user needs to remember when packing their van in the morning.