Ecuador Pavilion - Katara

The international spotlight was on Ecuador as soon as the news broke their national team would be facing Qatar at the opening match.

That’s why the Ecuador Tourism Board came to us just four weeks before the opening match. Our job was to create a home away from home for Ecuadorian fans in Qatar – creating a space for them to gather and celebrate their successes.

Situated in the heart of Katara Cultural Village, the experiential stand we created was also a celebration of Ecuador as a tourist destination, showcasing everything the country has to offer – – from the Andes, through the Amazon and the Pacific Coast to the Galapagos Islands. Using bold graphics and bite sized information, we were able to tell the story of the 4 Worlds of Ecuador in a visually spectacular fashion.    

A varied programme of Ecuadorian music and entertainment transformed the space into a buzzing night spot, attracting hundreds of international fans.