A portable distraction-free device that helps you build daily writing habits.

Laptops and even our smartphones have become the portal to everything. With this huge power and functionality comes distraction.

The Freewrite Alpha by Astrohaus is designed to help the modern writer get into a flow state and stay there. In a time of constant notifications and constant connectivity, the Alpha provides a rare sanctuary for drafting.

The idea is that the writer drafts from top to bottom and then edits in a separate session on a computer. By separating these processes, the productivity of content skyrockets as much as two times.

In design, this process is comparable to loose sketching. The fact that the output is ‘not perfect’ allows us to move on quickly, develop and generate new creative ideas.

Our ambition was to create a minimal form factor and visual aesthetic sympathetic to the distraction-free user experience. We explored flecked, matte finish plastic and contrasting deep blue keys to give the product a distinctive and unisex visual character.

With an unmatched 100 hour battery life, and slim featherweight design Alpha is ready to write anytime, anywhere.

Alpha’s automatic cloud syncing lets you focus on your writing now and dive into edits later.

The Alpha will fit 1 million pages right on the device. When connected to WIFI, documents can be sent via cloud services with Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive.

The Alpha’s enclosure is designed with durability in mind. The soft, rounded corners and inset display make the product extremely robust and easy to slip into a bag.


Comfort is Key.

Ergonomics are critical for any device used for long periods of time.

Creativity can call at any moment and many writers draft from the sofa outside or in bed! It was therefore important that the form factor was large enough to support the users palms comfortably for extended use.

Many writers work late into the night so the Blue-light free LCD display helps to reduce eye strain.

The mechanical keyboard is quiet, so not to distract others and gives satisfying tactile feedback that reduces finger fatigue.

The integrated kickstand can be used to further improve the angle of the keys and display when used on a table top.


Making distraction free drafting accessible.

Unlike mainstream devices, Freewrite produce specialist devices for a niche customer base. As a result of these lower volumes, past devices in the range have been positioned at a premium price point. The Alpha aims to strip back functionality and design to the essentials without compromising usability or desirability, creating the most accessible product yet.

Astrauhaus is once again launching the device through crowdfunding. Please check out their campaign!

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