The Great Estates Trail Run Series

Building on the success of our three closed road running events, WMP launched Great Estates in 2022 – a series of entry level trail running races which aim to open up this area of the sport to those who are not currently catered for by other events.

Trail running has traditionally been the premise of the more experienced and technical runner, often involving ultra-distances in remote parts of the country. Great Estates turns this notion on its head, offering 5k and 10k distances as well as a selection of fun runs for our younger runners, and canicross races for our four-legged friends. Taking in some of the UK’s treasured country estates, Great Estates offers a first step into the world of trail running, whilst allowing participants to experience the stunning grounds of the country’s beautiful stately homes.

With five events across England and Scotland in 2022, and with over 50 suitable sites identified for the series, Great Estates is the perfect series for a charity partner or headline sponsor to deliver its core brand objectives.

As a new series, Great Estates needed a brand identity that would both appeal to entry-level runners and speak to the historic setting of each run.

Our brief was to create a visual identity that would be recognisable and embody the values of the series: family-friendly, sustainable and technologically advanced. The brand needed to be flexible enough to grow with the series and adapt for each event.

Set against the background of stately homes and castles, we wanted to create a colour palette that combined heritage colours with bright neons for the modern runner. The geometric, sans-serif font was chosen for its contemporary feel and also the way the letter forms are reminiscent of elements of a running route. Secondary branding like graphic elements and textures are also used to recall the landscape around the estates where the runs take place.