Sealed, simple, secure, safe, spill free, stylish, sustainable and smell fresh. A bottle designed that doesn’t compromise on Ion8’s core values.

Ion8 are widely known for their innovative ‘One Touch’ leakproof water bottles. The hygienic spout cover with one-handed operation, smooth liquid flow and safety lock has proved to be a winning formula. Over the years Ion8’s success has led to many copycat designs eroding their unique offering in a highly competitive landscape.

The Product Design team at WMP were brought on to work on Ion8’s next generation water bottle. The new design builds on the core attributes which were key to their original success, whilst improving the user experience and modernising the aesthetic. Not only that, but we were able to develop two protectable innovations to separate them from the competition.

A recognisable, yet refined design.

Single handed operation was a key focus of the new design. The improved safety lock has been integrated with the actuation button. You slide it down with your thumb to effortlessly unlock and actuate the lid in one smooth motion.

The latch has been lowered below the drinking surface to ensure the user is unimpeded, optimising comfort during use. The hinge position has been optimised and the lid has been carefully sculpted so that it contours the bottle when opened. This allows for the lid to fully retract and prevent obstruction of the user’s view.

The design features a carry handle which seamlessly integrates with the lid, folding away when not in use. This gives a clean aesthetic and protects the handle from becoming damaged. The size of the handle has been maximised and the rounded shape provides improved ergonomics when carrying.

Particular attention was also given to simplifying and smoothing out the surfacing on the inside of the lid. This reduces the opportunity for dirt and grime ingress making it easy to wipe clean.

A simple process with proven results

WMP started the project by undergoing a phase of design research. Our designers conducted a detailed product evaluation of the existing offering, analysed customer reviews, and discussed feedback from the client. We compiled our findings into a detailed user journey to help identify the major pain points with the existing product.

Several key areas were identified and targeted during ideation sessions. A multitude of different ideas were developed for each of the areas that needed considering. These ideas were assessed individually and used as a basis to develop 3 unique concepts.

It was fundamental to ensure the reliability and durability of the chosen design. Prototypes of the lid were produced to test and refine the mechanisms and ensure a highly function and premium outcome.

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