It Won't Cost The Earth

A beautiful identity, for a beautiful ethos.

It Won’t Cost The Earth is a one-stop-shop, where consumers can find products that allow them to be more environmentally considerate. From gifting to cleaning, the online marketplace aims to bring sellers with excellent eco-credentials together, to help shoppers to make simple swaps, conveniently.

The founder of this start-up business understood the need to launch with a beautifully crafted identity, to help her to communicate the ethos of her brand from the outset. She wanted it to bring in elements which were bright, fresh, modern, illustrative and organic.

The identity needed to be professional, yet approachable, to appeal to a wide range of stakeholders. It needed to be relevant to potential business partners (‘sellers’) and consumers alike, and with sellers’ own brands to consider, it needed to have a soft colour palette.

Originally, the founder had envisaged a globe icon, with the brand name wrapped around it. We spent time to consider various routes, and worked closely with her to demonstrate alternative options.

The final solution is more typographic, using a combination of fonts to overcome the challenge of a very long name. Capitals were used for clarity, and a brush stroke for the ‘Earth’, which feels more fluid, organic and natural. The colour palette was carefully selected to bring natural, earthy tones together, reflective of the products and brand ethos.

Once the logo mark, colour palette and typefaces were finalised, the identity was completed by a set of secondary branding elements, including bespoke illustrations to depict the product ranges.

We created a simple brand guidelines document, which allows the founder to work with her brand’s new identity, across the website, social media and various other outputs. This ensures consistency and credibility of the brand. It also ensures that her sellers can use the It Won’t Cost The Earth brand correctly, within their own communications.