Three of our most recent films for Leonardo saw us filming in the skies above London, Cape Town and Vergiate.


AW 169

The AW 169 offers class leading performance in the most demanding conditions.

Our latest film for Leonardo set out to showcase the helicopter in operational mode, with the help and assistance of Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust and the emergency services. Filmed in just two days, we created a scenario simulating a patient being airlifted from an accident, using actors, make up and air to air filming en route to a London hospital to build a sense of realism.

In addition, we were commissioned to create a testimonial based version of the film and also one for the charity itself.


AW 189

This film set out to demonstrate this helicopter’s performance in any environment.

The South African location gave us an incredible opportunity to showcase the AW 189, carefully blending footage shot by our team with specially sourced archive material, to create a dynamic and powerful film for this fantastic machine.


AW 608

The AW 609 Tilt Rotor is a next generation helicopter, which can fly twice as fast, far and high as a conventional helicopter.

To achieve the very best results, we filmed with crews from Top Gear in Italy and the UK, using CG and mock-up interiors where required to showcase the tilt movement and ability to land on urban helipads.

Now used at trade shows such as the Dubai Air Show, online and in customer presentations, the film has already assisted in generating pre-sales and industry recognition of Leonardo’s innovation.