Lumie SAD Light

Vitamin L is yet another successful collaboration between the design team at WMP Creative and Lumie.

Lumie tasked WMP with creating a contemporary light that simulates sunlight in order to help combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Using a SAD light every day over the autumn and winter can help alleviate winter blues and overcome tiredness, over-eating and a lack of energy and motivation

The brief was to design a modern, powerful and compact entry level product to complement Lumie’s existing range. It had to be extremely thin and space efficient so as to not take up too much desk space. It also had to be easy to transport between the home and office and very quick to set-up too.

Its slim design and large screen output mean that Vitamin L combines convenience with the performance you’d expect from a much larger light.

Key design challenges included developing and testing venting details that could provide efficient heat dissipation, whilst also meeting stringent ingress test requirements for medical products.

Several rounds of prototyping and testing helped us to develop solutions for the various challenges.

We adopted a modern smartphone style build where the internal chassis is made from aluminium. This not only provides integral strength but also dissipates heat, whilst at the same time sections off the venting holes to prevent water ingress.

The lighting effect is achieved through a series of edge lit LED’s combined with a soft diffuser to provide a powerful warm and even light output of 10,000 lux at 20cm.

A detachable foot provides two modes of use, either portrait or landscape as well as making it nice and compact for taking anywhere with you!