Lumie Luxe Bodyclock

WMP Creative worked with Lumie, pioneers in light therapy, to design their most sophisticated Bodyclock product.

We were tasked with designing a bedside product which could help users to wake up more naturally. Waking with a natural sunrise effect helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle and has been shown to boost mood, energy and productivity levels.

The product design needed to reflect its premium positioning with features such as a glass globe and cloth covered speakers. Other features were to include a DAB radio, Bluetooth speaker connectivity and charging ports for a mobile phone.

A highly complex technical challenge.

The Luxe 750 project presented several major challenges with conflicting requirements. In order to achieve exceptional sound quality, it was important to maximise the internal speaker box volume, ensure adequate acoustic sealing and finely tune the bass port geometry.

An even dispersion of light from the glass globe whilst preventing any unwanted light bleed from within the rest of the product, was another key requirement. Otherwise this would be very noticeable at night in a darkened room. Powerful LEDs generate considerable heat and required a neat ventilation solution using natural convection methods to prevent overheating. The ventilation slots also had to be designed in a way that minimised any light bleed.

The configuration of the internal components required careful consideration. Bedside table space is often limited so a compact, yet stable footprint was a primary requirement along with ensuring there would be no electromagnetic interference on the radio functionality.

Numerous prototypes and testing ensured that the product performed well and could be easily assembled for mass manufacture. WMP designed all of the parts, including draft angles and tolerancing, which was supported by a full drawing package & specification.

Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750D blends simplicity with high-tech functionality that is easy to use.

The Daily Telegraph ranked Luxe its #1 wake up light in a recent survey. If proof were needed for how effective these products are, The British Swimming team use Lumie Bodyclocks to wake them up bright and early for training sessions on dark, cold winter mornings.