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The Manuva Board is a first of its kind, fixture free hangboard that makes training for rock climbing easier than ever before.

WMP teamed up with our friend and partner, Joe Jones, to set up Manuva Climbing Ltd.

The desire for this product was born of Joe’s situation. A keen rock climber, living in a rental apartment, he wanted to train indoors regularly without the need to go to the climbing gym or install a permanently fixed hangboard. During our research we found that this need was widely shared within the climbing community.

Our first task was to explore creative ways in which this problem could be solved. We were able to apply our engineering skills and network of manufacturers to develop prototypes to test and refine the functionality of the design.

Armed with an innovative product, we decided that Manuva’s first venture was well suited to launch through a Kickstarter campaign. Utilising WMP’s full range of creative skills, we produced the sample product, campaign video, website and marketing assets.

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Our goal was to deliver a product that is simply designed, reliable, durable and most importantly a product that we love using.

The result was an innovative and beautifully simple product that enables rock climbers to train and maintain their strength while at home or on the move. Unlike traditional hangboards, the Manuva Board is quick and easy to install and just as simple to take down, requiring no drilling, screwing or permanent fixturing.

The design features a range of holds from 15mm through to 60mm, plus two 20° slopers up top, allow for incremental progression in your training.

A key design challenge was the ability to fit a wide range of door sizes, whilst staying compact. The anodized aluminium frame was designed so that it can be separated from the board for travel and/or storage, as well as allowing for the board to be used on its own.

In addition to the functional requirements, we wanted to create a beautifully crafted product that was in keeping when mounted in the home. We consciously chose to use natural materials for their sustainable properties.

Kickstarter Campaign Fully Funded

Our Kickstarter campaign was hugely successful with the project being fully funded in less than 4 hours and going on to reach 970% funding! Due to popular demand we have now launched an Indiegogo campaign for those who still want to get their hands on Manuva!


Indiegogo Campaign Now Live

Excitingly we have now launched our Indiegogo campaign. Please go ahead and support us by backing us in the link below.

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