Monster Triathlon

Monster Triathlon

Spanning seven days, Monster is the UK’s ultimate endurance triathlon.

Plunging into the depths of Loch Ness to tackle a 5km swim, embracing the fatigue of five days of gruelling cycling to Windsor, before a 50km victory lap ultra-marathon along the Thames: Monster separates those who can from those who won’t.

This now iconic event continues to grow under WMP’s ownership, with over 80 participants due to take part in the full triathlon in 2023, and many more tackling the swim or run. 2022 marked a watershed moment for the event with more monster athletes than ever, and huge sums of money raised for charity. With even more planned for next year to take the event to the next level, now is a great time to be involved.

The Monster Triathlon experience is open to anyone, with reduced entry fees being offered to participants who make a fundraising pledge to our headline charity partner, Sabre Trust.

We’ll see you on the start line, if you think you’re ready to challenge the Monster…