We designed the OCLU action camera to make the recording and sharing of every memorable life experience easier.

We began by looking for ways to ensure that OCLU would provide the best possible user experience and at the same time be meaningfully differentiated.

Unlike the competition which borrows design cues from conventional cameras, OCLU was created to be both sleek yet rugged. It’s compact, versatile and ultra-portable.

OCLU and all of its accessories were designed to work seamlessly in fast-paced and high-stress environments. The UX of each product was carefully considered, tested and refined in real-life conditions. Being intuitive and easy to use was our primary focus.


A detailed analysis of existing competitor products helped identify a number of improvement areas where we could focus our thinking. Our own frustrations with other cameras helped us identify the need for a low-profile form factor, making it less likely to be accidentally knocked out of position whilst in use.

The result is mounts that are robust and quick to deploy, along with physical buttons and OCLU modes that are easily accessible in extreme conditions. Priority was given to tactile feedback and speed of operation ahead of slick touch screen interactions. Ease of use is at the heart of the OCLU DNA.

A key insight we observed was that people record so much content that deciding which clips to keep and share is overwhelming.

This is especially true for many extreme sports where a successfull outcome is very hit or miss. For example, many surfers who use existing cameras complain about coming out of the water after a session with up to 50 video clips. In many cases only a handful of these clips will capture successful rides, many will be failed attempts.

To solve this we developed LiveCut®, a unique patent pending feature that allows you to delete unwanted recordings on-the-fly, at the press of a button. This allows users to finish a session having saved only their best clips, ready-to-share.

Unlike the competition which borrows design cues from conventional cameras, OCLU was created to be both sleek yet rugged. It’s compact, versatile and ultra-portable.

To capture the perfect moment, you need a camera that lets you focus on your experience. With this in mind we created four quick toggle shooting modes enabling users to preset their camera setting preferences, prior to the session. They can then toggle between these modes quickly and easily at the press of a button.

Many action cameras are often only used on annual beach or winter sports holidays. In order to enable customers to extract the maximum value from the product, it was important that we developed a versatile range of mounts that encourage everyday use.

Thanks to the stretchy OcWrap and intuitive OcFix, its quick and easy for users to attach the camera to their handlebars or windscreen, to record evidential video. The magnetic mount, OcDock is ideal for utilising OCLU’s home security functionality, using motion record or recording family building projects with the cameras time-lapse functionality.

OCLU and its accessories are rugged enough for the most demanding of athletes, yet versitile for everyday use with family and friends.

Products are defined by the quality of their user interfaces. In an age where media is shared almost immediately after its captured, the quality of the interface between the camera and your smartphone is imperative.

It is important to recognise the differences between the various stages of using an action camera. There are 3 distinct use cases to consider; Preparation / In Action / Review & share.

At each stage there are different factors that influence how the user will interface with the camera. For example, when using the camera “in action” the user may well be in a high stress, cold and wet extreme environment. They may well be wearing gloves and the camera could be mounted where the user has no visibility of the display. In this use case, they need large tactile buttons and audible sounds to allow them to interact with the camera. This is a very different use case to “Review and Share” that can be done in a relaxed, dry environment using the touchscreen smartphone interface.

A premium unboxing experience, that does not cost the earth.

OCLU comes packaged with a microfibre bag & handy travel case to keep your gear protected and organised whilst travelling. The accessory packaging is consistent across the range and manufactured from recycled plastic.

Having such an in depth understanding of the product and brand enabled us to create an engaging website that articulates the full ‘features and benefits’ story of the camera, along with each and every accessory.