A fresh bold and new visual appearance appropriate to the rebrand and the great outdoors.

Trading since 1986, Powertraveller produce portable power products for charging digital electronic devices. Under new ownership, they had inherited an outdated and disparate range of products.

WMP was invited to create a product identity language that would complement its new and dynamic branding. The range is aimed at adventurers and consumers who need to stay connected in the great outdoors. The products had to convey aspirational attributes such as premium, technical, solidity and fit for purpose.

Functionality and build quality that underpins Powertraveller’s values for being reliable and durable.

We analysed a diverse range of “outdoor” brands to see how their products achieved consistency and considered design. We were able to group these brands into 5 key themes based on form, materials and interaction details. These themes represented trigger points to inspire new directions.

We had to carefully consider how these products would be used and where they would live. As well as being stable enough to stand upright on their own, we had to incorporate neat ways for them to be tethered to luggage, hung from the branch of a tree or the inside of a tent.

Each of the devices had to accommodate fairly advanced and locked down internal component packages. Part of our challenge was to design the enclosures to be space efficient and as compact and lightweight as possible and without introducing any risks that could delay the subsequent engineering development and tooling phases.

A Cohesive and distinctive design DNA across the entire product range

The new design language features 2 main forms suited to upright and low profile products. The upright products comprise of simple extruded metal profiles with a distinctive angled cut separating the ports. The low profile products exhibit a protective rubberised bumper surrounding the outside of the device.

The range features a blend of hardwearing materials such as anodised aluminium, black PC/ABS plastic and rubber. The products are all ideal for outdoor use with a minimum waterproof rating of IP65 and some achieving IP67.

Devices feature a scooped recess in areas that need to be protected, such as lens’ and ports. Other features of the DNA include elasticated cord straps and a 3D logo in a bright accent colour. Powertraveller is awlways printed along the side in line with 3D logo where possible. Bright white pin hole LED’s for battery percentage & consistent shapes for on/off buttons, pick & port cover details are carried across the range.

The European Product Design Award™ recognises the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations.

The Powerpack sector is a very crowded and a cost driven market. WMP were able to differentiate from the competition and add value through considered design and premium materials. We are proud to have received recognition of our efforts through numerous design awards.

European Product Design Award 2018 – Silver in Lifestyle and Travel/Travel accessory.
European Product Design Award 2018 – Bronze in Outdoor and Exercise equipment/Outdoors, Trekking & Camping
Good Design award 2018

European Product Design Award 2018 – GOLD in Lifestyle and Travel/Travel accessory.
Good Design award 2018