Back in 2009, we were tasked with producing an IPO with a difference – Vodafone wanted an event to deliver detailed financial information, but also deliver a Vodafone ‘branding experience’. Since then, we’ve been proud to continue to work with Vodafone, as they catapult Qatar into the world of 5G and beyond!

The IPO event was a spectacular event site overlooking Doha Bay. An amazing, dramatically lit structure, a 15m diameter Stratosphere playing video throughout the evening, sky-tracker beams lighting the sky, acrobats and football freestylers performing stunts, paramotors engaged in choreographed aerial displays, all combined to create a lively, and attention grabbing show.

Our regular work with Vodafone now comprises mall activations with built environments, experiential consumer engagement campaigns and even events such as their Sports Day celebrations, which this year, was used as a platform to showcase the speed of Vodafone 5G.

This Sports Day event featured a running track, alongside a giant LED screen, allowing people to race against 5G speeds, plus various sporting and VR experiences.