Premium Beard Trimming

Wahl invited WMP to design a premium beard trimmer which incorporates key attributes underpinning the brand’s reputation.

The 1065 is targeted at style conscious men in European markets where growing a beard has never been more popular. The specification includes Wahl’s first integrated comb adjustment wheel, a stainless steel blade set as well as it being totally waterproof.

Key areas of focus for the project included determining the optimum angle of the cutting blades relative to the main enclosure, ensuring security in the hand, especially with wet hands, and designing the comb profiles to be comfortable against the face.

Selecting appropriate materials and finishes played an important role in achieving a premium aesthetic for the trimmer.

Wahl already has a strong reputation for the quality and durability of its devices so the look & feel attributes had to underpin these values.

Real metal parts help to promote a sense of quality, along with specifying visually interesting high value surface textures and coated finishes across the various parts.